We can repair many issues with mobile phones from common faults like damaged screen and batteries down to small repairs like camera and charging issues. We can also unlock phones onto other networks and preform software restores


We repair a range of tablets manufactures covering small to large repairs. This includes screen, battery and charge port replacements along with other miscellaneous repairs.


We are located in the Asda Shopping Mall, Hunts Cross, Liverpool. Click below for directions in Google Maps


We have been in bussiness repairing mobile devices for the last 30 years, offering a range of repairs across varity of devices. We were originally located in the match factory, behind the matchworks, Garston up until January 2016.


At the phoneworkshop we provide many different type of services for mobile devices. This includes a range of repairs on both mobile phones and tablets. We can repair physical problems but also can help with software problems that you may be experiencing like software restores to network problems. Our repairs are are not limited to just mobile devices however, we can help with games consoles, laptops and PC's too.

Phones are our speciality, we can offer a vast amount of repairs on mobile phones from screen repairs, batteries, charging ports, speaker and microphone faults. We can even change complete housings on phones for repairs on phones with back glass designs. We repair many brands of phones including Apple, Samsung, Huawei and many more.

With tablets we can repair all the common faults like cracked screens, damaged charging ports, batteries that die quickly and front and rear cameras. As phones and tablets can be similar we offer most of the same repairs on both phones and tablets. Repairs for all major brands are avaliable like ipads, samsung tabs and much more.

Is your phone locked to a certain network carrier? No problem, we can help you. When phones are purchased from a network store or through a contract with the network, the device is then locked to only function with that network. If you wish to use another network you will need the phone unlocking which is a service that we offer.

We can repair faults that occur on games consoles, from broken HDMI ports and USB ports to games stuck in the disk drive or the software has crashed on the console and in need of resetting/reformatting. Do you need more storage? We can replace the hard drive to a larger capcity drive to hold more games and movies on your console.

For when the problem with your device is more than a screen or battery then it may need repair work on the main board of the mobile device, for example no power running to the device all together. We do offer repairs to mainboards involving soldering/micro soldering. This can range from shorts on capacitors to replacing charging IC's.

We offer services for laptops and PC's like common hardware faults for laptops including replacing broken screens and worn out batteries. If your in need of upgrading your PC tower like the memory or graphics cards then we can provide a service to complete the installation for you to ensure your all up and running with the new hardware.

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      Unit G, Asda Shopping Mall, Hunts Cross, Liverpool, L24 9GB

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      0151 486 4124

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